Crusty Demons Europe

Borrowing its title from the series of dirt bike enthusiast videos, Crusty Demons is a stunt-friendly motocross game with exaggerated action and real-life rider characters. Like most other 'extreme sports' games, it features over-the-top tricks and empowering combo moves, but it also rewards players for orchestrating the most spectacular, sadistic crashes they can. Extra points are earned for bailing out of impossible tricks and causing lots of damage and destruction, to the interactive environments as well as to the rider's own body. A variety of off-road vehicles are available, including mini-bikes, ATVs, and even riding lawn mowers and an ice cream truck. Crusty Demons was developed by the U.K.'s Climax Group, also known for its ATV Offroad Fury and ATV: Quad Power Racing games.

Release Month:11
Release Year:2006
Developer:Climax Group
Publisher:Deep Silver