Front Mission 4 USA

In the year 2096, the Wanzer ('Walking Tanks' mecha) form the backbone of many military forces. The European Community is enjoying a period of relative peace when it is surprised by sudden attacks on German bases from a mysterious force. To investigate, it is decided to send the EC Armor Tactics Research Corps, also known as 'Durandal'. Inside the Durandal, a young new recruit, Elsa soon finds herself caught in an international plot. Meanwhile, the nation of Venezuela, is attempting to secede from the Unified Continental States (U.C.S.). UCS Forces are sent in to restore order and dispose of Governor Diaz. During a routine patrol, Sgt. Darril and his patrol witness a cargo plane being shot down. Heading to investigate, they soon discover it was a plane carrying part of Diaz's gold. For demoralized UCS soldiers like Darril, this smells like opportunity...

Release Month:6
Release Year:2004
Developer:Square Enix
Publisher:Square Enix