Guilty Gear XX - The Midnight Carnival Japan

Guilty Gear X2 is the sequel to Arc System Works' high-resolution fighter, Guilty Gear X. Similar to its predecessor, Guilty Gear X2 offers various tweaks and improvements, along with more tangible additions such as new fighters and extra modes. Gameplay is governed by a multitude of powerful special moves such as Psych Bursts, Roman Cancels, Overdrives, Faultless Defense, Dead Angles, and One-Hit Kills (Sammy Studios nomenclature for a stock selection of, cancels, air juggles and counters). A roster of 23 playable characters (some hidden) awaits players, and features an indiscriminate collection of old and new, though no less quirky, faces. Among the new arrivals are the androgynous, yo-yo wielding Bridget and I-No, a leather-clad woman armed with a guitar.

Release Month:12
Release Year:2002
Developer:Arc System Works Co. Ltd
Publisher:Sammy Studios, Inc