Kinetica USA

An original title from Sony Computer Entertainment, Kinetica is a high-speed futuristic racer akin to the likes of XG3 Extreme G Racing. In stark contrast to more conventional forms of racing, the racers in Kinetica wear futuristic suits with wheels attached to their hands and feet. As a result, the racers themselves become the vehicles. Far from a mere cosmetic choice, these suits play an integral part of the gameplay. Free from the hulking vehicles found in similar games, these racers can move their limbs independently, and as such, can perform a host of tricks and stunts. Players are required to execute these stunts by performing a combination of directional movements while holding the R1 button down. Correctly executing tricks fills a boost meter, which, once completed, provides the character with a limited speed boost.

Genre:Racing / Driving
Release Month:10
Release Year:2001
Developer:SCE Santa Monica Studio
Publisher:Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc