Knights of the Temple II Europe

This fantasy RPG sends players through a medieval Europe of fairy tales, on a noble quest to save the good land from an unholy menace. The action features fast-paced swords and sorcery, and the storyline branches according to choices the player makes along the way. Based on StarBreeze's original Knights of the Temple (previously available in Europe), the game puts players in the role of Paul de Raque, who is now Grand Master of the Order. Haunted by dreams of an undead invasion, the brave Templar travels the lands in search of a powerful artifact hidden in an ancient undersea fortress. Once the single-player story is finished and the world is once again safe (until the next game, at least), players can hack-and-slash online with their choice of multiplayer characters

Release Month:11
Release Year:2005
Publisher:Playlogic International N.V