Kyojin no Hoshi - The anime Super Remix Japan

Translated as Star of the Giants, Kyojin no Hoshi was an eleven volume manga by Noboru Kawasaki and Ikki Kajiwara that followed the path of a young boy who dreams of joining the Yomiuri Giants baseball team. Facing and surmounting self doubt, arduous training, and rivalries, Hoshi Hyuuma eventually reaches his goals and becomes a pitcher with the Giants. Similar to Ashita no Joe, the manga would eventually also hit the big time with anime episode productions. Hoshi owns some batters by performing something called 'Big League Pitch #2' where his leg kicks up a cloud of dirt on the mound, obscuring the hitter's view as the ball zooms towards him. One memorable episode of the anime is built around a single pitch from Hoshi to batter.

Genre:Mini Games.
Release Month:6
Release Year:2002