Legion - The Legend of Excalibur USA

Legion: The Legend of Excalibur chronicles the adventures of a young King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table as they battle the villainous Morgan Le Fay and her army of undead warriors. An action title with a smattering of RPG elements, Legion enables players to choose and then control four of the most famous characters from Camelot lore at one time, each of whom can have up to four low-level warriors at their command. King Arthur, Lady Gwenevere, Merlin, and Lancelot are just some of the many characters that will appear across the game's 14 missions. Throughout which, you'll be required to complete primary and secondary objectives, such as smiting all the armies in a particular region or protecting a village or person. As each possesses unique abilities and attacks, choosing the right group of characters for the job at hand is vital.

Release Month:6
Release Year:2002
Developer:7 Studios