Lupin III - Majutsu no Isan [Playstation 2 The Best] Japan

Although he's been traveling the world for decades in search of riches, love, and adventure, Lupin the 3rd pays his first visit to North American console gamers in this Bandai release for the PlayStation 2. Based on the popular anime (which is itself based on early-20th century stories by French author Maurice Leblanc), this game puts players in control of Lupin, grandson of the world's most celebrated gentleman thief, who is joined by his constant companions Jigen the sharpshooter, Goemon the rogue samurai, and his dangerously alluring love-interest Fujiko. Lupin's nemesis Zenigata is also featured, so it's a safe bet the police inspector will almost nab the playboy thief at least once or twice before this adventure is finished.

Release Month:11
Release Year:2003