Lupin Sansei - Lupin ni wa shi o, Zenigata ni wa koi o Japan

After receiving a message from his on-again off-again love interest Fujiko Mine, master thief Lupin the Third has just arrived in the ancient city of Canghai along with his partners Jigen and Goemon. However, when they arrive at the meeting point, a mafia boss named Kouring shows up, demanding Lupin's cooperation in exchange for Fujiko's life. Of course, Lupin is having none of that, and tries to rescue Fujiko himself, but winds up cursed by an ancient black art, which will kill him in three days. Ancient documents that Fujiko found show that the Cang dynasty treasure she's looking for may also hold the key to curing Lupin's curse. But with only three days, will they be able to find the treasure and save Lupin's life?

Release Month:2
Release Year:2007
Developer:Nex Entertainment