Parappa the Rapper 2 Europe

Parappa the Rapper 2, the direct sequel to Sony Computer Entertainment's 1997 smash-hit, picks up where the original left off with our hero now firmly entrenched in a relationship with his girlfriend Sunny. Gameplay remains largely untouched from the original with Parappa having to make his way through eight levels of rhyming and rapping mayhem, under the watchful eye of a number of rapping masters, including the legendary Chop Chop Master Onion. Newcomers to the fold include Guru Ant, Beard Burger Master, Hairdresser Octopus, and Instructor Moosesha. By matching the sequence and timing of button presses as relayed by the masters, players must achieve a 'Good' or 'Cool' rating to progress further. Anything less will result in failure.

Release Month:4
Release Year:2002
Developer:NanaOn-Sha Co., Ltd