Sakigake!! Cromatier High School - Kore wa Hyottoshite Game Nanoka! Hen Japan

Cromartie High School by Eiji Nonaka, is a Japanese comedy manga, which was subsequently adapted into an anime and a 2005 live-action movie titled Cromartie High - The Movie directed by Yudai Yamaguchi. It follows the everyday life of Takashi Kamiyama and his odd classmates at Cromartie High School, an infamous school for delinquents. Both the manga and anime have been released in North America by ADV Manga and ADV Films respectively. However, the manga is not yet completely published in North America due to restructuring issues at ADV. The manga won the 2002 Kodansha Manga Award for shonen. The series began running in the United States on the cable network G4 on its Barbed Wire Biscuit late-night block and on the UK satellite channel Rockworld TV.

Release Month:3
Release Year:2004
Developer:Hudson Soft