Samurai Japan

Developers at Acquire, whose past credits include the Tenchu series of games, are the people responsible for the action-adventure title Way of the Samurai. As a masterless samurai, you happen upon a small village embroiled in a violent conflict between two clans. The part your character plays is entirely up to you; the branching storyline makes provisions for the samurai to choose to join either side in the conflict, or simply to aid the villagers, if and when needed. During conversations with the local populace, you're presented with a number of different replies and your choices will alter the demeanor and attitude of the other characters. Action-and-consequence plays a vital role in the game and hastily made decisions can greatly affect the duration of your stay in Rokkotsu Pass. Adding to the character's enigmatic nature (your actions largely define his personality) is the player's ability to customize the overall look of the samurai before beginning the adventure.

Release Month:2
Release Year:2002
Developer:Acquire Corp