Dance UK Extra Trax Europe

Released back in October 2003, Broadsword Interactive's thumb in the proverbial Bemani pie brought the average living room dancing queen pretty much everything they could wish for. Dance: UK delivered not only a large selection of popular chart hits along to which you could strut your stuff, but also a unique 8-way dance mat and a selection of accompanying peripherals, such as a 2.1 sound system and a rather snazzy microphone headset. In addition, the game also promised the ability to add new songs without the cost of having to buy a new full price game. Well, in case you hadn't already guessed, eXtra Trax is precisely what was promised, adding a host of, erm, extra tracks to your beloved Dance: UK experience.

Release Month:4
Release Year:2004
Developer:Broadsword Interactive
Publisher:Big Ben Interactive