Dragon Quest IV - Michibikareshi Monotachi Japan

This is a remake of the NES game Dragon Warrior IV. The game utilizes a chapter system, where each chapter is dedicated to the personal stories of one or several main characters. The first four chapters tell the stories of the soldier Ryan, who sets off to investigate the disappearance of children in a nearby village; Arena, the princess of Saintheim, who dreams to become a martial artist; Klift and Burai, a priest from Saintheim Castle and a magician who watched over the princess when she was younger; the weapon dealer Toruneko, who wants to become the best in business; and the two sisters Minea and Manya, who search for the person who murdered their father. In the fifth chapter, the Hero (or the Heroine) of the game finally appears on the stage to lead the party to the ultimate battle against evil.

Release Month:11
Release Year:2001
Developer:Heart Beat