Mahou Shoujo Fancy Coco Japan

Magical girls (also known as mahou shoujo or majokko) belong to a sub-genre of Japanese fantasy anime and manga. Magical girl stories feature young girls with superhuman abilities, forced to fight evil and to protect the Earth. They often possess a secret identity, although the name can just refer to young girls who follow a plotline involving magic and a transformation (such as Full Moon o Sagashite). (Ojamajo Doremi features magical girls as protagonists, but its plot differs from the standard as the girls use magic for friendship and behavior, rather than for attacking antagonists). The Japanese language identifies magical girls as majokko, though this term does not generally apply to modern magical-girl anime. Sally, the Witch (1966) counts as the first magical girl anime.

Release Month:9
Release Year:1996
Developer:Planning Office Wada / Magitec
Publisher:Planning Office Wada