Point Blank 3 [Sold with Orange GunCon] USA

The escapades of Namco's Dr. Dan and Dr. Don continue in Point Blank 3, the third edition of the irreverent, mini-game based light-gun series. A selection of 80 events are offered, many of which thrust the hapless duo into situations that require timely intervention by the player on their behalf, testing your reflexes and shooting accuracy at the same time. The myriad of events present the player with basic tasks that range in both scope and difficulty. A plethora of mini-game formats are provided that include shooting color-coded targets to protecting the two numbskulls from threatening objects, to those that require the player to perform rudimentary mathematics calculations before shooting the correct answer. Cameo appearances by Tekken characters, classic Namco franchises and other such in-jokes abound in the many scenarios players will find themselves embroiled.

Release Month:5
Release Year:2001
Developer:Tose Software