Sentimental Graffiti Japan

Sentimental Graffiti is the name of a popular dating simulation series by NEC Interchannel. A TV anime based on the series was later produced, titled Sentimental Journey. Three Japanese radio dramas based on the series, titled Sentimental Night, Kaettekita Sentimental Night, and Only Sentimental Night 2 were produced. A number of non-broadcast Japanese audio dramas have also been produced. Several dojin games have been made based on the characters, including the infamous Sentimental Shooting ecchi scrolling shooter, which combines a very engaging (and difficult) shoot 'em up with provocative imagery. Its nicknames amongst fans are typically Senti or the contraction SentiGra.

Release Month:3
Release Year:2001
Developer:NEC Interchannel
Publisher:NEC Interchannel