Simple 1500 Series vol.098 - The Futsal Japan

Indoor soccer or arena soccer, or six-a-side football in the United Kingdom, is a game derived from association football adapted for play in an indoor arena such as a turf-covered hockey arena or skating rink. The most important difference in play is that the indoor field is surrounded by a wall instead of touch lines, resembling more of a hockey rink than a soccer pitch. The ball can be played directly off the wall, which eliminates many frequent stoppages that would normally result for throw-ins, goal kicks and corner kicks, and generally results in a faster paced game. The term 'indoor soccer' is so well-known as a description of the different style of the game that it is even used to describe similar fields which are built outdoors.

Release Month:9
Release Year:2002
Developer:Axes Art Amuse
Publisher:D3 Publisher