Uo-7-tsu no Mizu to Densetsu no Nushi Japan

In this underwater action-adventure, players take the role of the title character: a small, freshwater fish who finds himself in a (number of) big ponds (not to mention streams, lakes, and rivers). At the beginning of the game, Finny learns from a wizened old turtle that a great destiny lays before him, and that he must leave the safety of his home and travel the wide waters to find it. With representations of over 100 different species of underwater life, the game is full of small bugs and fish for Finny to eat, and large fish and animals that are interested in eating Finny. Unpredictable currents, hidden bonus areas, and (especially) fisherman's lures all pose additional challenges the small fry protagonist must face.

Release Month:7
Release Year:2004